Ajutor de montare,pentru agățători pentru dulap pentru montare pe panoul lateral, plastic

  • Informaţii privind siguranţa pentru agaţătorile pentru dulap
  • Safety information for cabinet hangers

    The values only relate to the dimensions used in the DIN standard.


    The nominal load bearing capacities of the cabinet hangers result from the tests according to the respective standards. They relate to the correctly positioned and mounted product without taking variables from the construction of the finished furniture item and the wall mounting type into consideration.

    Recommendation: Adherence to the specified dimensions, testing of finished furniture item in accordance with the relevant national standards. Please contact an accredited institution for further information.

    Test furniture according to the standard

    Cabinet hanger fully hooked into the wall rail

    The nominal load bearing capacity is influenced by the points listed here

    Dimensions and materials of the furniture.

    Support of cabinet hanger at top panel (A) and rear panel (B).

    Strength of top panel.

    Presence, position and number of dowels, connections and adhesive.

    Presence and thickness of rear panel (A), depth of groove (B) and dimensions of cut-out (C, D)

    Type, diameter and length of screws used.

    Supporting surface of the arm on the panel/rail.

    Dynamic loading.

    Extremely deep and simultaneously flat cabinets create a strong leverage effect.


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    290.54.997 Mounting aid pl.black end pc.

    piesă de capăt, lăţime: 12 mm

    290.54.998 Mounting aid pl.black end pc.

    piesă de capăt, lăţime: 20 mm

    290.54.999 Mounting aid pl.black rail

    cale de rulare din plastic, lungime: 2000 mm

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    25 februarie 2021

    Șină din material plastic,pentru agățători pentru dulap pentru montare pe panoul lateral, plastic

    • Piesă de capăt

    • Șină din material plastic

    • vezi legendă

      ⓐ = distanţă de montaj a pieselor de capăt

      ⓑ = lungime şină plastic

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