Clemă pentru sticlă,model 27, sistem pentru mâna curentă

  • Informații despre sistemul de reling cu bare
  • Bar Railing System

    The bar railing system with numerous components can be flexibly used on walls, floors and wooden or glass surfaces. High-quality materials and finishes provide an appropriate appearance and a long life time. The system is versatile, and can be used for domestic interior fitting, inpublic buildings, for stores or in the gastronomy.

    The main constituents are straight or curved railing tubes that can be combined and secured with tube supports, railing connectors and end pieces.

    By request we can also supply complete systems or components in accordance with drawings.

    With PVD coating. Reliable titanium technology from the tool area for increasing the life time by up to 60 %. Extremely hard and resistant to mechanical (scratches) and chemical (cleaning agents) stress as well as heat (steam jets).


    4 finishes and 3 tube diameters are available

    • Satin stainless steel brushed
    • Stainless steel, brass coloured PVD coated
    • Polished stainless steel
    • Stainless steel, anthracite coloured, PVD coated.

    Some system components are made from zinc alloy and available with PVD coating stainless steel coloured, brass coloured, chrome coloured or anthracite coloured

    • System 25 = 1 inch = 25.4 mm
    • System 38 = 1.5 inch = 38.1 mm
    • System 51 = 2 inches = 50.8 mm

    Stainless steel design

    Chrome design

    Brass design

    Anthracite design

  • Referințe despre instalarea sistemului de reling cu bare
  • Bar Railing System

    Installation reference

    • Includes fixing material as per the system component specifications.
    • The railing tubes can be screwed or glued to supports. Both connections provide comparable stability, glued connections are permanent.
    • Special adhesives (metal, glass) must be ordered separately. Many system components have a glue groove that prevents the adhesivefrom escaping.
    • Many tube supports and railing connectors are supplied with a discreet grub screw. This prevents the tube from moving and twisting.
    • Various system components are supplied with an M8 internal thread, and are prepared for screw-fitted structures (no gluing required) with threaded bars.
    • Mount tube supports with max. pitch length of 700 mm. The distance to the end of the tube should be no more than 150 mm. Curves should have a tube support at both sides.


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    NONE Min. 1

    812.08.320 Gl.clamp mod.27 zi.chromc.38mm

    culoarea cromului, instalare: La țeavă de 38 mm

    812.08.324 Gl.clamp mod.27 zi.chromc.fl.

    culoarea cromului, instalare: La perete

    812.08.520 Gl.clamp mod.27 zi.anthracite . 38mm

    Antracit, instalare: Pe țeavă de 38 mm

    812.08.524 Gl.clamp mod.27 zi.anthracite flat

    Antracit, instalare: Pe perete

    812.08.720 Gl.clamp mod.27 zi.ststc. 38mm

    culoarea inoxului, instalare: La țeavă de 38 mm

    Detalii produse

    Materie primă

    Aliaj de zinc


    acoperit cu PVD


    27 mm
    Componente produs

    Furnizat cu

    1 Clemă pentru sticlă

    2 Șuruburi pentru prindere M4

    2 Capace (cu finisarea potrivită)

    Notă pentru comandă

    Un șurub cu cap cu locaș hexagonal cu cap cilindric pentru fiecare clemă pentru sticlă este necesar pentru montarea pe tuburi.Vă rugăm să o comandaţi separat.

    Vă rugăm să comandați separat 2 inserții din cauciuc pentru grosimea necesară a sticlei.

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    27 octombrie 2020

    Clemă pentru sticlă,model 27, sistem pentru mâna curentă

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