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  • Robust, High-quality, versatile – tambour door systems from Häfele

    Thanks to their outstanding workmanship, tambour doors fulfil all quality demandsand are impressive because of their versatility in all areas.

    Select from following tambour door systems




    Completely robust and high-quality

    Appealing and lightweight

    Economical, solid and ready for series production

    Roller shutter profiles made from extruded solid aluminium

    • Maximum stability and quality thanks to excellent workmanship
    • Particularly suitable for special applications
    • Good running properties due to the use of tambour door glides
    • As ready for installation tambour door module, rolled up or rear panel running system
    • Variable areas of applications, and also suitable for kitchens, offices, residential areas and security areas in banks, IT, medicine
    • Many different profiles and installation options are available
    • Available colours: Silver coloured anodized, stainless steel coloured anodized or powder coated in RAL colours.

    Tambour door slats made from aluminium-coated plastic

    • High-quality appearance: all visible parts are coated with real aluminium
    • good running properties, light weight
    • As ready for installation tambour door module
    • 2 end profile variants
    • Available colours: Silver coloured anodized or stainless steel coloured

    Tambour door slats made from plastic

    • Extremely good running properties
    • As a rolled up system with surface mounted guide tracks or as a rear panel running system with groove mounted guide tracks
    • In lengths for individual self-assembly, also available as a roller shutter
    • Available colours: White, grey, silver coloured (aluminium effect)

    Wooden tambour doors

    • With shutter guide or rear panel system
    • With suitable accessories
    • Available colours: Beech, Beech, oak or in silver eloxal

    Glass tambour doors

    • For kitchens and living rooms
    • Quick and easy installation thanks to a ready for installation tambour door module
    • Individually manufactured to your required size as a Topco service
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  • Overview

    With guide track and shutter guide

    with running track and bend

    ⓐ Guide track

    ⓑ Shutter guide

    ⓒ Bend connector

    ⓓ Running track


    Max. tambour door slat lengths, cabinet heights and widths

    The tambour door slats run horizontally on tambour doors with vertical running direction and vertically on tambour doors with horizontal running direction.

    The roller shutters are 2,400 mm long and 900 mm wide.

    Vertical running direction

    Horizontal running direction


    Roller shutter size calculation

    With guide track and shutter guideⓐ ⓔ Internal cabinet width

    With running track and bendⓕ Cabinet height

    With counterbalancing mechanism ⓖ ⓕ Cabinet height ⓗ Cabinet depth


    Vertical version

    Width mm

    Length mm

    Without counterbalancing mechanism

    with running track and bend

    Internal cabinet width + 11

    Cabinet height + 100

    With guide track and shutter guide

    Internal cabinet width – 8

    Usable cabinet height + 148 (A to B)*

    With counterbalancing mechanism

    With running track and bend

    Internal cabinet width + 11

    Cabinet height + cabinet depth

    With guide track and shutter guide

    Internal cabinet width – 8

    Usable cabinet height + intermediate shelf + 148 (A to B)*

    * More information on wooden tambour doors can be found under guide track and shutter guide

    Counterbalancing mechanisms

    Following counterbalancing mechanisms can be used for the different wooden tambour door versions:

    Tambour door

    Counterbalancing mechanism

    with running track and bend

    With guide track and shutter guide


    Risk of injury in case of vertical running direction (roller shutter falls down unbraked during closing). With larger cabinets, a counterbalancing mechanism must be used.


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    Mâner tip profil,lemn natur

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    Mâner tip profil,lemn natur


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