Sisteme de glisiere cu țarguri,Tandembox antaro, Înălțimea lateralei sertarului 83 mm, pentru cutia sertarului interior cu reling

înălțime M, oțel negru terra

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  • Sistem de glisiere cu țarguri Blum Tandembox antaro
    • straight-lined, clear design
    • Based on the Tandembox cabinet rail
    • Wide product range
    • Very convenient movement
    • material: Steel or stainless steel
    • Finish: Cabinet rail galvanized, Drawer sides available in 3 colours, or stainless steel
    • Type of pull out: Full extension with Blumotion or Tip-On Blumotion

    4 drawer side colours are available

    steel, silk white

    steel, terra black

    steel, RAL 9006 white aluminium

    stainless steel


    Product highlights

    Integrated Blumotion soft closing mechanism

    The soft closing mechanism integrated in the cabinet rail provides gentle and silent closing of the drawer. The adaptive closing force ensures this, irrespective of closing speed and weight of the drawer.


    Orga-Line compartment system

    Contents can be perfectly organised using the flexible lengthways and crossways dividers. High-quality stainless steel trays provide organisation in the drawer. Particularly practical: The trays are easy to remove and dishwasher safe.


    Automatic opening mechanism and integrated Tip-On Blumotion soft closing mechanism

    Combination of Tip-On mechanical opening aid and integrated Blumotion soft closing mechanism. The large release area (Tip-On) provides maximum comfort, even with wide and high front panels, with synchronising action (optional). Particularly suitable for kitchens due to the small front gap of only 2.5 mm.

  • Planificare și instalare Blum Legrabox antaro
  • Definition

    ⓐ cabinet rail

    ⓑ antaro drawer sides with cover caps

    ⓒ rear panel fitting set

    ⓓ Front fixing bracket

    ⓔ Front bracket set for internal drawer

    ⓕ Internal panel for internal drawer

    ⓖTip-On Blumotion unit and follower

    ⓗ Side railing set

    ⓙ Cross railing for internal pull out

    ⓚ Synchronising set for Tip-On Blumotion

    ⓛ Support for internal panel


    Drawer side design

    Drawer side height 68 mm

    System height N


    Drawer side height 83 mm

    System height M

    System height M with railing C

    System height M with railing D


    Drawer side height 115 mm

    System height K

    System height K with railing D


    Drilling pattern for cabinet


    Drilling pattern for Blumotion cabinet rail, load bearing capacity 30–65 kg, Front gap 0 mm


    Drilling pattern for Tip-On Blumotion cabinet rail, load bearing capacity 30–65 kg, front gap 2.5 mm


    Cutting dimensions for panels (panel thickness of 16 mm)


    (1) Drawer base panel:

    (2) Rear panel:

    A = Y – 24 mm

    B = X – 87 mm

    B = X – 75 mm

    C = see table


    A = length

    B = width

    C = height

    X = internal cabinet width

    Y = nominal length


    drawer side height

    System height

    Load bearing capacity

    Rear panel height C

    Drawer/internal drawer

    68 mm


    30 kg

    69 mm

    83 mm


    30/65 kg

    84 mm

    115 mm


    30/65 kg

    116 mm

    Pull out for door front fixing/internal pull out with railing

    83 mm

    M, Railing C

    30/65 kg

    167 mm

    83 mm

    M, Railing D

    30/65 kg

    199 mm

    115 mm

    K, Railing D

    30/65 kg

    199 mm


    Cutting dimensions for internal pull out (accessories)


    Internal cabinet width – 132 mm


    Cross railing:

    Internal cabinet width – 122 mm


    Cutting dimensions for self-manufactured insert elements

    Length A = nominal length of cabinet rail – 33 mm

    Height B =

    59.5 mm (railing C)

    91.5 mm (railing D)



    Insert elements cannot be used with drawer side height K


    Calculation of the internal drawer space dimensions (panel thickness 16 mm)

    Internal drawer depth = nominal length – 24 mm


    Internal cabinet depth

    Min. internal cabinet depth = nominal length NL + 3 mm


    Adjustment facilities

    Height and side adjustment

    Panel installation without tools, disassembly with screwdriver


    Installation and removal of the drawer


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    înălțime M, oțel negru terra

    Nr. articol 553.91.373

    Nr. articol 553.91.373

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    3 august 2020

    Sisteme de glisiere cu țarguri,Tandembox antaro, Înălțimea lateralei sertarului 83 mm, pentru cutia sertarului interior cu reling

    înălțime M, oțel negru terra

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      Blum Tandembox Antaro

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