Suport pentru funie de sârmă,pentru sistemul de accesorii dulapuri Flexstore

  • Häfele Flexstore - Sistem flexibil de accesorii dulapuri
  • Häfele Flexstore – Cabinet organizer system with flexibility

    • Flexibility with cabinet organizer system
    • Can be easily adapted to any cabinet width
    • Hanging parts can be attached to the frame or cross rails
    • Many different cabinet organizer system combinations can be organised

    Possible combinations

    The cabinet organizer system provides great possibilities for space-saving storage of clothing and accessories in wardrobes. Convenient stacking and removal are made possible by pull out storage elements.

    The basic concept: A series of pull out frames with full extension can be adapted to many different interior cabinet widths. Many different combinations of wooden, steel or plastic storage elements can be hooked onto the frames.


    installation dimensions

    Hook-in width wire = internal cabinet width – 119 mm

    Wooden drawer width = internal cabinet width – 98 mm

    The pull out frame is easy to assemble and fixed with grub screws. The design allows individual assembly of different widths. The pull out frames are screw-fixed to the cabinet side panel at intervals of 32 mm. 3.5 mm chipboard screws can also be used for fixing.

    The storage elements are hooked into the pull out frames with plastic clips.

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Corporate Office: Häfele America Co., 3901 Cheyenne Drive, Archdale, N.C. 27263
Phone: 800.423.3531, Fax: 800.325.6197, Local Phone: 336.434.2322, Email:
21 aprilie 2021

Suport pentru funie de sârmă,pentru sistemul de accesorii dulapuri Flexstore

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