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  • Aplicarea și instalarea sistemului de prag Eifel T
  • Application and installation

    Eifel T Threshold system

    Application examples with Eifel 75 T

    With extension profile and building sealing foil

    With wooden extension profile and building sealing foil

    Solution for old buildings


    Installation on door frame

    With counter recess in solid wood

    Without counter recess, with sealing tape (not supplied)

    With partial counter recess, With additional anti-twist strip

    Without counter recess, With additional anti-twist strip


    Floor installation

    (1) Threshold

    (2)Wall plug


    Position threshold and completely underlay with extension profiles or wood, compensate for uneven surfaces.

    Do not cover or put any objects (e.g. timber planks) on the threshold, as long as it is not supported by underlay.

    Fix threshold using plugs

    Hook in threshold trim

    Fix threshold using at least 2 wall plugs. Drill pilot holes in provided groove (1). Drill holes for wall plugs. Insert wall plugs and fix threshold with screws.

    The threshold trim must be fitted between the door frames. Hook in threshold trim (1). Clip-in manually or with a rubber mallet (2). Do not use a screwdriver or similar tools for clipping-in.



    If required, the threshold trim can be removed using a wooden or plastic wedge.


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    plastic, negru

    Nr. articol 950.12.083

    Nr. articol 950.12.083

    plastic, alb

    Nr. articol 950.12.083

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    Pentru o adâncime de montaj al pragurilor de 70-80 mm

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    Suporturile de prag pentru alte adâncimi de montaj al pragurilor sunt disponibile la comandă.

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    Suport prag,BKV

    plastic, alb

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